When you think 50lb bass are big, take a look at this monster! Steve took this 65″ Bluefin on the gold Bottledarter.

“Got it casting with a spinning rod. Same Van Staal 275 I put on a 10′ or 11′ Lami when I get down to Montauk, on A 7′ St Croix, 80 lb Diawa Boat Braid. 65″ could be 150# more or less; probably more like 125. We didn’t get to weigh it. I’m still looking for my 65″ striper! Thanks for putting these out in plastic! I have a dozen each of the wood bottles, and the darters, but the plastics hold up much better in the rocks and I can load them!”

Catching a 150lb tuna on spinning gear….I am definitely going to add that to my bucket list. Congratulations Steve…I am impressed!030b

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