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How to fish the Bottledarter:

The lure is extremely versatile and can be fished a variety of different ways.
1. On those flat calm nights, the lure can be swam on the surface much like a metal lip.  A painfully slow retrieve makes a nice wiggle and produces a surface

wake that is sure to entice some nice fish.
2. On open beach without much current, a slow steady retrieve works very well.  Mix in a few twitches of the rod tip to really make the lure dart.
3. The lure loves current rips.  Cast this lure out and just take up the slack to remain in contact with the lure as it sweeps.  Ever once and a while take a full crank

on the reel while lifting your rod tip (you will feel the lure really swim).  Reel down slowly while keeping tension on the line.  Repeat this retrieve and hold on!
4. Loaded with 10cc’s of liquid.  Our testing shows that a loaded Bottledarter casts very well.  The action is slightly different than unloaded.  The lure has more darting action and has already taken some very nice fish!

Northbar Tackle Color Chart

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