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Monday, November 9th, 2009

When you think 50lb bass are big, take a look at this monster! Steve took this 65″ Bluefin on the gold Bottledarter.

“Got it casting with a spinning rod. Same Van Staal 275 I put on a 10′ or 11′ Lami when I get down to Montauk, on A 7′ St Croix, 80 lb Diawa Boat Braid. 65″ could be 150# more or less; probably more like 125. We didn’t get to weigh it. I’m still looking for my 65″ striper! Thanks for putting these out in plastic! I have a dozen each of the wood bottles, and the darters, but the plastics hold up much better in the rocks and I can load them!”

Catching a 150lb tuna on spinning gear….I am definitely going to add that to my bucket list. Congratulations Steve…I am impressed!030b

Another Great Fisherman joins the Northbar 40lb Club

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Congratulations to “JJ”. He landed this 41.7lb fish this fall on the black and purple Bottledarter. Man, that color has been good this year!


Northbar Tackle Congratulates Tom Schneider

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Tom took 2nd place in the 2009 Korkers cup. The fishing was tough that weekend and Tom managed to land this beautiful fish on the Northbar Bottledarter. Congrats Tom!

“I fished the Korker’s Cup this past weekend in Montauk. As a plug builder myself I know what it takes to get a plug right. I gotta say the bottledarter is a winner! I took 2nd place in the Korkers Cup with a 27 lber I caught on one of your bottledarters.”

Tom Schneider President Farragut Striper Club


Ryan Catches a nice Bass

Monday, November 9th, 2009

I have been fishing Northbar plugs since i heard about them. I love the way they dig down in the current and the swimming action. On Tuesday night i hit up a rip that i almost exclusively use Northbar bottle plugs and bottle darters. On this night i was catching bass on almost every drift up to 40 inches but most were like 34-36 inches. At around 12: am i was reeling in the Sand eel wooden bottle darter very slowly and Wham. After the battle my buddy went down to grab it and said go get your scale i think you may have gotten your 40. I catch a bunch of fish quite often but for some reason the big ones always elude me until Tuesday.

Northbars are truly great plugs and i have been preaching that for a while. Every one always asks me what i’m using while im outfishing them 4-1.

Ryan O’Donnell


Congratulations To Jon Stebbins

Monday, November 9th, 2009

John Stebbins won the 2009 Montauk Classsic with the Northbar Bottledarter!

John recaps his great night….”Decided to head back east and fish an area that has produced well for me in the past. Again, started with sluggos and SS darters for not a touch. Switched up to a gold Northbar Bottledarter… First cast, fish on! At first, it felt like the rest of schoolies I had been picking, but once she realized she was hooked, so began the longgggg peel of the drag and thump of the tail straight out and deep. Not sure how many yards she took out, but there was no stopping her for what seemed to be about minute (but I’m sure it was less as the adrenaline was now kicking and my heart was pounding). After the initial run was over, I was able to gain some line while constantly reminding myself to stay patient. After I was able to get the fish within 20-30 yards, she made the expected second drag-screaming run, but this time on an angle toward my right, and toward some large boulders. At this point, I knew something could go very wrong in an instant – whether my braid rubbing up against a rock or popping the hook. Luckily she moved a little more in front of me and after I was able to gain the rest of my line fairly quickly. Got her to my rock and with some very careful maneuvering was able to get a solid grip under her gill plate. I knew right away that I had broken forty, but could it be approaching 50?? I’m sure the adrenaline and lack of sleep was playing with my head. After getting my ass kicked stumbling in through the boulder field, I knew I had a tournament fish and so came the decision to continue to fish or begin the death march back to the truck. I chose the latter as I knew that it would only continue to lose more weight. After a seemingly endless walk, I raced back to town and she officially weighed in at 42.2!”

John Stebbins Montauk Classic 42.2lb 2009_1

Congrats John. That’s a heck of a fish.


Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Welcome to Northbar Tackle. This page is here to keep everyone updated with company news, pictures, events, and everything else related to Northbar Tackle. We want to thank everyone for their support as we wrap up of first year making the plastic bottledarters! Keep an eye out for some exciting new things next season.