Ryan Catches a nice Bass

I have been fishing Northbar plugs since i heard about them. I love the way they dig down in the current and the swimming action. On Tuesday night i hit up a rip that i almost exclusively use Northbar bottle plugs and bottle darters. On this night i was catching bass on almost every drift up to 40 inches but most were like 34-36 inches. At around 12: am i was reeling in the Sand eel wooden bottle darter very slowly and Wham. After the battle my buddy went down to grab it and said go get your scale i think you may have gotten your 40. I catch a bunch of fish quite often but for some reason the big ones always elude me until Tuesday.

Northbars are truly great plugs and i have been preaching that for a while. Every one always asks me what i’m using while im outfishing them 4-1.

Ryan O’Donnell


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  1. Cav Says:

    Nice Fish man! North Bar wood gets me wet……

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