Welcome To Northbar Tackle

Northbar Tackle has one major company philosophy. We believe in being at the service of our clients (you, the fishermen) by providing outstanding tackle that is readily available, consistent, and features top quality components right out of the package. Let’s face it, unless you are a huge tackle company that produces millions of products on a yearly basis, very few people make a living at making lures. This company was started to provide fisherman with a few more choices and hopefully help everyone catch more fish. As the company grows, expect to see many more exciting designs!


Tight Lines,

Rob and Larry

The 40+ Challenge

At Northbar Tackle, we love to see fishermen catching big fish on our lures! We challenge you to catch a Bass over 40lbs on our lure and become a part of Northbar’s 40+ club. As a member of the 40+ club, you will receive a care package from Northbar containing a selection of our lures.
To become a member, submit a photo of you, your fish, and the lure you caught it on.

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